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What you have just read, is a re-modeled version of the first website that I created in April 2000, as an interactive study for my Media Theory course at university. A list of the sources used to write the study can be found further down the page. You will probably wonder about the listed search engines - Well, Google wasn't really big back then.

Overall, I wanted to keep as much as possible of the original writing, but a lot of it needed serious revision and corrections. I changed some of the old HTML behind the site, which was as basic and as simple as it comes; at the time, I had learned just enough code to write the study, and so I had kept it really simple. It was especially difficult for me to do "fancier" or more complicated things. I understand that this isn't the most complete piece of writing I have done [even at the time], but I think it accomplishes what it set out to do years ago - to answer a few questions, and to do so in a different way.

With regards to some of the photographs I used, I am aware that there are probably many better examples out there today to illustrate my points, but I used whatever I could get my hands on at the time. Some things - such as links to the photographers whose work I referred to - have been updated, and some others not. Some links don't even exist anymore making it impossible for me to update them.

This essay is dedicated to Susan Sontag (1933 2004) whose book "On Photography" inspired me to look at the art in a whole new "light".

I would also like to thank Frank Jump whose book Fading Ads of New York City contains parts of this essay. Last, but not least, I would like to thank Dr. Daniel Chandler who helped me take my first steps into HTML, and who gave me this assignment in the first place.

I hope you enjoyed reading. Comments & criticism are always welcome, so email me at simos.george@gmail.com if you like.

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